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30 May 2017

Nine in ten employers face challenges communicating benefits to workers

Employers are struggling to communicate effectively with their staff about the benefits available, a new study has found.

A competitive benefits package in the workplace can help improve job satisfaction and employee engagement and bring down the costs of absenteeism. But a UK survey of 250 HR directors and managers revealed that as many as nine out of ten said they face challenges when communicating their benefits package to employees. This can result in a reduced return on investment for employers, said Mybenefitsatwork, which commissioned the research.

The main challenge respondents face when communicating benefits to employees is a lack of time.

Many employers are relying on tried and trusted methods of communicating the employee benefits package, with almost half (47%) of those surveyed utilising a staff handbook, 43% communicating through employee inductions, 34% via face-to face-presentations and 15% by e-mail.

However, if benefits are only mentioned in a staff handbook or induction when employees first start in the company, without an effective communications programme, the employee benefits can end up fading into the background and being completely forgotten, or taken for granted.

‘Effective communication´ should incorporate digital, printed and face-to-face options, taking a regular multi-channel approach to communicating the benefits on offer, Mybenefitsatwork suggests.

Ian Bird, founder and director of business development at Mybenefitsatwork, said: “It is important to communicate face-to-face where possible, but for a variety of reasons it is not always feasible. And even when face-to-face communication is an option, employers should consider a multi-channel approach to reinforce the message. Using a variety of ways to communicate with employees will reach the widest audience possible.”

Respondents to the survey agreed with this sentiment, as 95% acknowledged that they need to communicate their employee benefits in additional ways.

“Technology has the ability to combat communication challenges,” Bird added. “It is streamlined so can take less time to complete tasks, and it uses less resource. For many employers, it will also be one of the most cost-effective options.”

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