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Fidelius Employee Benefits Risk Profiler

Our Risk Profiler helps you, as a pension scheme member, to identify two things.  Firstly it assesses how much risk you are comfortable taking with your pension savings and secondly it suggests a portfolio to meet your needs, taking account of your risk preference and your personal circumstances.

There are 10 risk based questions: these assess your risk profile; how much risk you are comfortable with taking.There are then 4 validation questions: these ask about your personal circumstances; how much risk you can afford to take, and other investment preferences.

The Risk Profiler then combines your risk profile with your circumstances and other preferences to recommend a suitable portfolio for you.  You should complete the Risk Profiler fairly regularly, particularly if your circumstances change, for example as you move within 5 years of retirement because even if your risk profile remains the same, a change in your circumstances can mean that a different portfolio may become suitable.

Once you have submitted your responses you will receive the results and an email outlining the outcome.

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Please remember to answer the questions truthfully, to give us a more accurate picture

1. Imagine you are investing £10,000 for 1 year. You do not have any specific need for this money and will decide what to spend it on in a year's time. Which of these investment opportunities would you choose?
Please answer this question

A guaranteed value of £10,500 A value somewhere between £9,500 and £11,000
A value somewhere between £7,500 and £15,000 A value somewhere between nothing and £20,000

2. If the value of your investments fell suddenly how would you react?
Please answer this question

I would view this as an opportunity to buy more at a cheaper cost I would view it as one of those things that happens from time to time, and quickly forget about it
I would be somewhat concerned I would strongly regret my decision to invest

3. "I am more cautious with my money than most people"
Please answer this question

Strongly agree Somewhat agree
Somewhat disagree Strongly disagree

4. What is your main aim with regard to your pension?
Please answer this question

Protecting its current value Achieving modest returns, accepting that some losses may occur
Achieving good returns, accepting that short term losses are likely from time to time Maximising returns, accepting that significant losses may result

5. Imagine you have to choose between two jobs. One is a secure job but it offers lower pay. The other offers higher pay but little job security. Which would you choose?
Please answer this question

Definitely the secure job with lower pay Probably the secure job with lower pay
Probably the higher paid job Definitely the higher paid job

6. Do you worry about financial matters? These might include such things as interest rates, stock markets, the value of your investments, whether you will have enough money in future?
Please answer this question

Never Occasionally
Often All the time

7. Would you risk betting with a large amount of money that it would hurt you to lose?
Please answer this question

No, the fear of losing my money is far too great I may do but I would be somewhat worried about the possible losses
I probably would; the thought of winning is more tempting than the fear of losing Yes, definitely. I would focus on winning

8. If your investments didn't grow as expected and you had to change your plans, how well would you adapt?
Please answer this question

Changing my plans is no problem. I adapt very easily I would find it annoying but would be able to adapt
I would be somewhat upset but I think I could change my plans to some extent I would be very upset and find it hard to change my plans

9. Being completely honest, how much knowledge do you have when it comes to making the right financial decisions?
Please answer this question

I have very little financial knowledge and don't feel I can make informed financial decisions I have a basic understanding of financial matters and can probably make the right choice as often as not
I have a good understanding of financial matters and I can make an informed decision in most situations I have a fairly detailed level of financial knowledge and trust myself to make the right decision

10. How do you normally feel about your financial decisions after you have made them?
Please answer this question

I always expect them to turn out well I am realistic about them, neither optimistic nor pessimistic
I am a normally a little pessimistic and/or nervous I always fear the worst

When do you intend to retire and take an income from this pension?
Please answer this question

20 years or more Between 5 and 20 years
Between 2 and 5 years Less than 2 years

Which of these statements best describes this pension when compared to the rest of your retirement planning?
Please answer this question

It is my only pension and it will be central to my retirement planning I have other retirement savings but this pension will be an important part of my retirement planning
I don't expect it to form a major part of my retirement planning and I expect to retire comfortably even without it  

Do you want your investments to take ethical considerations into account?
Please answer this question

Yes. I realise that this will limit the choice of investment and potentially the returns I receive. No.

If you had to guess at your own risk profile what would you guess? Please hover over the word to see the descriptions provided for each risk profile.
Please answer this question

Capital Preservation Risk Averse
Conservative Cautious
Moderate Adventurous

Any other considerations?

If you are happy with your answers please submit your questionnaire by clicking submit...

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