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News in November 2017
29 Nov 2017 Over-50s underestimate life expectancy by up to eight years

Eight out of ten people (78%) over the age of 50 are significantly underestimating how long they are likely to live, according to research by Retirement Advantage. The company warned that many people could be left without sufficient income if they underestimate their years in retirement...

15 Nov 2017 Two fifths of over-50s will seek professional advice for retirement planning

A growing number of over-50s in the UK plan to discuss their retirement finance options with a professional financial adviser. New research from Retirement Advantage revealed that two fifths (42%) plan to speak to a financial adviser, up from 38% last year. The internet is anoth...

08 Nov 2017 Divorced women missing out on pension savings

Women in the UK are losing out on £5bn every year because seven in 10 couples don´t consider pensions during divorce proceedings, according to new research from Scottish Widows. What´s more, even when pensions are discussed during a divorce settlement, women are still missi...

01 Nov 2017 Half of the over-50s plan to stay in work

New research has found that half of the over-50s in the UK plan to keep working after they reach state pension age. The survey for Retirement Advantage revealed that 49% want to continue working in some form after reaching retirement. Of these, 43% plan to switch to part-time work, whil...

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