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06 Jan 2014 Economic Recovery Set To Bring About Pension Boost

As most economists agree that the British economy is heading towards recovery and growth, pension funds are set to benefit as well, with those about to retire and buy an annuity profiting the most, the Daily Express reported. Thanks to satisfactory performance in 2013 on the part of blu...

23 Oct 2013 SIPPs Provide Investors With Clarity And Simplicity

As average life expectancy continues to rise, planning for retirement is becoming more important than ever. Many people spend 30 or even 40 years saving for retirement, and having sufficient income to rely on when no longer working is crucial. With this in mind, getting savings right can make a...

24 Jul 2013 Stakeholder Pension Or SIPP?

For people planning their own retirement income, there are numerous possibilities to choose from and the decision is not always an easy one. This Is Money website compiled the key features of Self Invested Personal Pensions (SIPPs) and compared them to stakeholder pensions, in an attempt to hel...

17 Jul 2013 Income Drawdown Reform To Provide Extra Cash To Retirees

Britons in retirement who still have their pension pots invested in the stock market are set to benefit from the new cap on withdrawals from drawdown pots, the Daily Telegraph reported. This means that a typical 65-year-old British pensioner with a £150,000 pot would have access to an addition...

22 May 2013 More People Seek Help For Inheritance Tax Planning

The number of people who seek professional advice on how to reduce their inheritance tax is on the rise, following the government´s announcement that the threshold - assets of £325,000 or £650,000 for married couples - over which inheritance tax is charged at 40% would be frozen until 2...

08 Apr 2013 Retirement Income Highly Dependent On Timing And Stock Market Performance

According to a recent study from insurer AXA, retirement income in the UK surged from a post-crisis record low level in the first half of 2012 to a post-2007 high within just seven months, which could explain the vulnerability to stock market fluctuations of some people saving for retirement.

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